I have always been blessed to be a person who thinks positively. When a challenge or difficulty comes in my life, I see it as an opportunity. It is with that same sense of hope that I share with you a new initiative. Through the vision and generosity of the Martin de Porres Foundation, a grant has been given to develop a pool of African American teachers to serve as principals in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The Foundation has enthusiastically made a commitment to this project for three years to raise up new leaders in our Archdiocese. Currently, there is only one African American Elementary School Principal in the Archdiocese and there has never been an African American high school principal in our history. So far, dozens have expressed interest in this program and the first cohort have begun classes at Neumann University. In addition to the Principal Certification Program, there will a series of networking sessions and professional development opportunities later in the Fall. There has been a long and rich history of African Americans who have been blessed by Catholic Schools. It is my prayer that more leaders will come forth so our children can see in their principal an image of themselves.

Reverend Stephen D. Thorne, M.S. Ed.
University Chaplain & Adjunct Faculty
Neumann University