Since 1948, the Martin de Porres Foundation has supported education and leadership programs in the Black Apostolate in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  The foundation has fulfilled this mandate by providing scholarships, supporting parish Director/Coordinator of Religious Education positions, and funding parish as well as diocesan programming.  Historically, the foundation’s work has focused on the African-American community.  More recently, the foundation has continued to prioritize the African-American community, it has also supported the African and Afro-Caribbean communities if funding permits.


Scholarships are provided through a renewable application process with each scholarship program having its own requirements.  Successful applications for Director/Coordinator of Religious Education positions result in the foundation providing a portion of the salary while the parish provides the remaining amount.  Typically, programming grants do not exceed $5,000 and grants for retreats and revivals do not exceed $2,000.



The foundation has been a key supporter of The INITIATIVE since its founding in 2016. Founded by Rev. Stephen Thorne, The INITIATIVE provides a variety supports for African-American Catholic educators at the elementary and high school levels.

Graduate Programs

The Martin de Porres Foundation scholarship programs includes a program to support lay people already working in the Black Apostolate broaden their skill set through graduate level education.

Scholarship applications for to The INITIATIVE and Graduate Programs are accepted on a rolling basis.

Director/Coordinator of Religious Education

Because of its ongoing commitment to faith formation as a pathway to leadership development, the foundation will assist key parishes serving the Black Apostolate with staffing a Director/Coordinator of Religious Education position.  Applications for Director/Coordinator of Religious Education are due on March 1 each year.

Programming Grants

The foundation will consider grants in any area that supports and advances its mission.  Programming grant applications are due on March 1 for Spring Disbursement and October 1 for Fall Disbursement.  Currently, the foundation is particularly interested in supporting programming in the following areas

Leadership Development
Anti-racism/Racial Justice
Youth & Young Adult Leadership and Enrichment
Religious Literacy and Personal Enrichment


For Director/Coordinator of Religious Education grants and Programming grants, funds are disbursed as a reimbursement.  On a quarterly basis, receipts, pay stubs, and other documentation of expenses are submitted to the foundation and reimbursement is paid.

Scholarship funds are disbursed in accordance with the procedures of each scholarship program.

Relevant application and reimbursement forms for these programs can be found on the website and should be submitted electronically.  Please direct questions to Dr. Tia Noelle Pratt, Executive Director of the Martin de Porres Foundation at: or 267-908-0179.